Embroidered Scarf

About the Project

Embroidered knit scarves are the classic in custom scarves. They are usually old-style bar knit scarves with embroidery on one side or on the same end of two sides. The colors in interchanging bars have a pure appearance because they are not affected by the jacquard technique. Other scarf patterns are also possible. Embroidery is unrestricted in design and colors but it should fit in a 2.5-in circle or a 5×1.5-in rectangle to maintain the scarf’s integrity. Embroidered knit scarves belong to the most attractive designs in our offer so they are often called fashion scarves. They may be surprisingly affordable, however. They may be discounted when embroidery is used on just one end of the scarf instead of two.

Embroidered Knit Scarf

Size: 57″ x 7″ (145 cm x 18 cm)
Material: 100% acrylic
Design: Double-sided (same sides except embroidery)
Colors: Up to three colors
Fringe: Up to three colors (single color recommended)
Minimum: 30 scarves

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